The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, professionalism, collaboration", pioneering and innovating, and pragmatically forging ahead. The trademark "Yushen" has been evaluated as a famous trademark in Hangzhou by the Hangzhou Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau for five consecutive times. Yushen Company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and an outstanding private enterprise in Zhejiang Province for many years. The company is equipped with imported horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, high-precision worm grinder, CNC machine coordinate gear measuring instrument, etc. The company's four major industries: reducer, sprinkler, casting, door products are exported to developed countries in Europe and America.
  We will bring you quality assurance with technology and management; corporate culture to enhance the market competitiveness of the company; a new concept to create the brand of the enterprise; The spirit of continuous innovation, better products and better service area create a modern enterprise.
   Using technology, wisdom and hard-working hands to hold a modern tomorrow.

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Hangzhou Yushen Speed Reducer Co., Ltd
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